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Business / Environmental
 The Sustainable Village46 
Provides solutions to global problems using renewable energy, appropriate technology, and technical and financial resources required for international sustainable development projects and micro-enterprises.

Computers / Internet
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Reference / Time
 The Calendar Zone61 
Comprehensive categorized calendar catalog currently containing countless correlating connections & calzone recipes.

Business / International Trade
 Globalise Resistance12 
brings together groups and individuals opposed to the global growth of corporate power.

Computers / Open Source
Open Source software development site, providing free hosting to tens of thousands of projects.

Society / Activism
 The campaign to close the US Spy Base at Menwith Hill28 
world's largest electronic monitoring station, run by the National Security Agency (NSA) USA, one of a global network of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) bases, monitors the world's communications, relays information to NSA HQ, Fort Meade, Maryland, USA.

Arts / Music
 Hitsquad.com - Musicians Web Center38 
free music software downloads, discussion forums, RealAudio hosting, News, MP3, TABs, Sheet Music, Books, & more

Computers / Ethics
 The Blue Screen of Microsoft's Death252 
anti-Microsoft campaign

Recreation / Television
The professional Cameraman's website full of resourses, information, news and features

Business / E-Commerce
 e-commerce trustmarks59 
International congress on the trustmarks in electronic commerce organised by the Ministry of Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from 17 to 19 September 2003.

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