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 1Free Book!The Bhagavad GtThe Bhagavad Gt
The 6th Book of The Mahabharata

 2Free Book!The Bible - Old TestamentThe Bible - Old Testament
The King James Old Testament

 3Free Book!The Bible - New TestamentThe Bible - New Testament
The King James New Testament

 4Free Book!The KoranThe Koran
The central scripture of Islam

 5Free Book!The TorahThe Torah
The Five Books of Moses

 6Free Book!The TanakhThe Tanakh
The Hebrew Bible

 7Free Book!The Shri Guru Granth SahibThe Shri Guru Granth Sahib
The 11th Guru of Sikhism

This is a compilation of some of the central texts of some of the world's major belief systems, it does not represent complete or comprehensive collection and is presented solely to encourage and promote tolerance and understanding.
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~ Gore Vidal (1925-)
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