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"Ah, how unjust to nature and himself, is thoughtless, thankless, inconsistent man!."
~ Edward Young (1683-1765)Edward Young SearchSearch Quotes2 More Edward Young Quotes

49 Authors under "P":

1 Jimmy Page (1944-)
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2 Thomas Paine (1737-1809)
View Thomas Paine LinxSearch for Thomas Paine55 Quotes by Thomas Paine

3 Tom Paine (1737-1809)
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4 Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960)
Add Sylvia Pankhurst LinxSearch for Sylvia Pankhurst11 Quotes by Sylvia Pankhurst

5 Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958)
Add Christabel Pankhurst LinxSearch for Christabel Pankhurst11 Quotes by Christabel Pankhurst

6 Michael Parenti (1933-)
View Michael Parenti LinxSearch for Michael Parenti88 Quotes by Michael Parenti

7 Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)
Add Dorothy Parker LinxSearch for Dorothy Parker33 Quotes by Dorothy Parker

8 Vernon Louis Parrington (1871-1929)
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9 Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
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10 Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975)
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11 Joe Pass (1929-1994)
Add Joe Pass LinxSearch for Joe Pass11 Quotes by Joe Pass

12 Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)
Add Boris Pasternak LinxSearch for Boris Pasternak11 Quotes by Boris Pasternak

13 Les Paul (1915-2009)
Add Les Paul LinxSearch for Les Paul11 Quotes by Les Paul

14 Norman Voncent Peale (1898-1993)
Add Norman Voncent Peale LinxSearch for Norman Voncent Peale11 Quotes by Norman Voncent Peale

15 Lester Bowles Pearson (1897-1972)
Add Lester Bowles Pearson LinxSearch for Lester Bowles Pearson22 Quotes by Lester Bowles Pearson

16 Robert Peel (1788-1850)
Add Robert Peel LinxSearch for Robert Peel11 Quotes by Robert Peel

17 William Penn (1644-1718)
Add William Penn LinxSearch for William Penn11 Quotes by William Penn

18 Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374)
Add Francesco Petrarch LinxSearch for Francesco Petrarch11 Quotes by Francesco Petrarch

19 William Lyon Phelps (1865-1943)
Add William Lyon Phelps LinxSearch for William Lyon Phelps11 Quotes by William Lyon Phelps

20 Wendell Phillips (1811-1884)
Add Wendell Phillips LinxSearch for Wendell Phillips33 Quotes by Wendell Phillips

21 Eden Phillpots (1862-1960)
Add Eden Phillpots LinxSearch for Eden Phillpots11 Quotes by Eden Phillpots

22 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
View Pablo Picasso LinxSearch for Pablo Picasso1212 Quotes by Pablo Picasso

23 Albert Pike (1809-1891)
Add Albert Pike LinxSearch for Albert Pike11 Quotes by Albert Pike

24 Josef Klemens Pilsudski (1867-1935)
Add Josef Klemens Pilsudski LinxSearch for Josef Klemens Pilsudski11 Quotes by Josef Klemens Pilsudski

25 Harold Pinter (1930-)
View Harold Pinter LinxSearch for Harold Pinter22 Quotes by Harold Pinter

26 William Pitt (The Elder) (1708-1778)
Add William Pitt (The Elder) LinxSearch for William Pitt (The Elder)11 Quotes by William Pitt (The Elder)

27 (Pope) Pius II (1405-1464)
Add (Pope) Pius II LinxSearch for (Pope) Pius II11 Quotes by (Pope) Pius II

28 Plato (428-347 b.c.)
View Plato LinxSearch for Plato1414 Quotes by Plato

29  Plato (428-347 b.c.)
Add  Plato LinxSearch for  Plato11 Quotes by  Plato

30 Pliny (The Elder) (23-79)
Add Pliny (The Elder) LinxSearch for Pliny (The Elder)22 Quotes by Pliny (The Elder)

31 William Plomer (1903-1973)
Add William Plomer LinxSearch for William Plomer11 Quotes by William Plomer

32  Plutarch (46-120)
Add  Plutarch LinxSearch for  Plutarch11 Quotes by  Plutarch

33 None Plutarch (45-125)
Add None Plutarch LinxSearch for None Plutarch11 Quotes by None Plutarch

34 Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)
Add Edgar Allen Poe LinxSearch for Edgar Allen Poe22 Quotes by Edgar Allen Poe

35 Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)
Add Edgar Allan Poe LinxSearch for Edgar Allan Poe11 Quotes by Edgar Allan Poe

36 Roman Polanski (1933-)
Add Roman Polanski LinxSearch for Roman Polanski11 Quotes by Roman Polanski

37 Carl Polanyi (1944-)
Add Carl Polanyi LinxSearch for Carl Polanyi11 Quotes by Carl Polanyi

38 Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
Add Alexander Pope LinxSearch for Alexander Pope1111 Quotes by Alexander Pope

39 John Poppy (1904-1969)
Add John Poppy LinxSearch for John Poppy11 Quotes by John Poppy

40 Eugene Pottier (1816-1887)
Add Eugene Pottier LinxSearch for Eugene Pottier11 Quotes by Eugene Pottier

41 Ezra Pound (1885-1972)
Add Ezra Pound LinxSearch for Ezra Pound11 Quotes by Ezra Pound

42 Terry Pratchett (1948-)
Add Terry Pratchett LinxSearch for Terry Pratchett11 Quotes by Terry Pratchett

43 Dennis Pratt (Quentin Crisp) (1908-1999)
View Dennis Pratt (Quentin Crisp) LinxSearch for Dennis Pratt (Quentin Crisp)22 Quotes by Dennis Pratt (Quentin Crisp)

44 Matthew Prior (1664-1721)
Add Matthew Prior LinxSearch for Matthew Prior11 Quotes by Matthew Prior

45 Protagoras (490-420 b.c.)
Add Protagoras LinxSearch for Protagoras11 Quotes by Protagoras

46 Pierre Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)
Add Pierre Joseph Proudhon LinxSearch for Pierre Joseph Proudhon22 Quotes by Pierre Joseph Proudhon

47 Marcel Proust (1871-1922)
Add Marcel Proust LinxSearch for Marcel Proust22 Quotes by Marcel Proust

48 Haida Indian Proverb
Add Haida Indian Proverb LinxSearch for Haida Indian Proverb11 Quotes by Haida Indian Proverb

49 Mario Puzo (1920-1999)
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