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11Send As E-CardArts / Literature
Maya Angelou 
The Official Website

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Voltaire Foundation 
hosted by Oxford University UK

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The Arthur Miller Society 
incorporated, non-profit society whose primary aim is to promote the study of Arthur Miller and his work.

14Send As E-CardArts / Literature
Academy for Ancient Texts 
Library of on-line ancient texts, Sacred Texts, Enuma Elish, Emerald Tablet, Book of the Dead, Book of Enoch, more.

15Send As E-CardArts / Literature
Harold Pinter 
The Official Harold Pinter Website

16Send As E-CardArts / Literature
The New Companion 
Essays by Peter Riis on a variety of subjects, obscurely inspired by Leigh Hunt's periodical The Companion of 1882

17Send As E-CardArts / Literature 
Monologues, Poetry, Drama and Theatre Archives

18Send As E-CardBusiness / Publishing
South End Press 
a nonprofit, collectively run book publisher with more than 200 titles in print to help meet the needs of readers who are exploring, or are already committed to, the politics of radical social change

19Send As E-CardArts / Literature
The Literature Network 
searchable online literature for students, educators, and enthusiasts. Full books, short stories, essays, poems and quotations

20Send As E-CardShopping / Toys & Games
Russian Kids Books And Crafts 
Learning Russian language is made easy through Russian kids' books at Visit our store to find and buy number of literature and fairy tale books.


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