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Send As E-Card 1 - freeware (GNU-GPL) - Scripts / zipped php
Download - 1love_en-de-coder.zip1love En-De-Coder20632 bytes
1657 dls
by:  1love.com  1love.com Homepageversion:1 - All
1love En-De-Coder by 1love.comEnter some text to be en/de-crypted,
Select en/de-cryption method from the menu,
Click "Go!"
Then optionally provide a subject, name and email address to send en/de-crypted message.

Send As E-Card 2 - freeware (GNU-GPL) - Scripts / zipped php
Download - 1love_massmail.zip1love MassMail29051 bytes
2460 dls
by:  1love.com  1love.com Homepageversion:1 - All
1love MassMail by 1love.comProvide a plain text ".txt" file list of email addresses (as many as you like, one per line),
Enter a message with optional file attachment or "autogreeting".
Click "Go!" to mail every address on the list.

Send As E-Card 3 - freeware (GNU-GPL) - Scripts / zipped php
Download - 1love_search_&_replace.zip1love Search & Replace15189 bytes
1820 dls
by:  1love.com  1love.com Homepageversion:1.1 - All
1love Search & Replace by 1love.comSearch and Replace any text or code, case sensitive or insensitively,
in a file, a directory or a whole site.
Creates backups of any changed files and features options to
exclude file types/names, prompt for confirmation/cancel and undo.
Very simple to configure & install, a single file requiring only
path info for home, host & backups, and that working directory & file
permissions be rw- (read-writeable) by php.


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