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Spam Policy is opposed to "spamming" and other unethical marketing activities and practices and strictly prohibits any of the tools, services or systems provided to facilitate, permit or be used for the sending, relaying, uploading, diffusion, distribution, transmission or otherwise making available any unauthorized material, including but not limited to "junk mail", or "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes" or any other unsolicited commercial promotion or advertisement, either singular or multiple. Nor is the use of "robots" or other harvesting agents to gather or compile email addresses for the purposes of sending such material permitted.

Violations of these terms of conduct will result in immediate termination of relevant servise accounts, furthermore the practices outlined above are often in contravention with many state, federal or national laws and perpetrators may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution and penalties.
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The unauthorized use of the domain and or company name "" in any form, including but not limited to it's incorporation into fictitious email addresses, shall constitute the unlawful infringement of intellectual property and copyright laws which may result in prosecution.

All correspondence sent to nonexistent email addresses at this domain are automatically deleted on arrival.

The sending of unsolicited advertising messages by email to any address at this domain signifys acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the following Notification and Offer.

"Notification and Offer"

  I do not want to receive uninvited solicitations by email ("Junk Email"). I am unwilling to receive Junk Email freely because it costs me time and money. If you send me any Junk Email other than on the terms of the offer set out in the following nine points, I will take this to mean that you plan to use what I offered you without paying for it. If you ever try to do this I reserve my right to take any action available to me without further reference to you. Actions available to me include taking proceedings against you for negligence or breach of contract, which may result in substantial damages being awarded against you by a court. The unauthorized use of my computing facilities may even be a crime.

  1. I offer to receive all further email from you on the terms set out below. If you send me any solicitation by email without my express prior written consent this will be taken as your acceptance of this offer.
  2. For the purposes of points 3 and 4, you will be taken to have sent any email sent by any entity apparently associated with you for the purpose of sending email solicitations.
  3. You must pay me ten US dollars for each such item of email that you send me.
  4. You must pay me ten US dollars for each copy of each email solicitation that you send to anybody or any email address referred to below, even if you don't send a copy to me. You may also have to pay other persons as well if they have sent you a similar offer.
  5. I may join with any of those persons for the purpose of efficiently collecting your payments.
  6. You must mail payment by certified check to me within five working days of the transmission of the email. If you do not know where to send payment, you must state this in the email and give me an easy way to tell you.
  7. Each email item must be uniquely identified, and each payment must clearly identify the relevant item or items.
  8. You must tell me your name and full business and residential addresses in each email message.
  9. I may vary the terms of or terminate this offer at any time (even after you have accepted it). Any new terms will apply to all email you send after you have been notified of a variation.

The copyright of the above text is held by
Junkbusters Corporation,
and is used here in accordance with
the GNU General Public License,
copies of which are available at or from
The Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


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