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General Forms & Data Entry
Logging In:

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 General Forms & Data Entry 
1loveLogging In:1love

The Heart Icon (heart icon top right)
provides user privilege dependant access,
to all restricted areas
if entered from the frontpage
(sub-section entry otherwise).

User Name:
Member Name Provided When Joining.
Members using 1love WebMail
can optionally use:
"" formatting.

Pass Word:
Provided By Member When Joining.
Stored in one-way encrypted form only
(restricted space " " input)
Associated with,
Member Provided Reminder Question
(displayed on failure warning)

Exceeding Runtime Warnings (5)
may result temporary or permanent
site-wide or sub-section
proxy or ip address ban.

Please Note:
As passwords are none retrievable
if compromised or forgotten
Members should
a/ Send a Set Temporary Password
administration request
b/ Immediately Update Member Profile
(edit info - set new password)
Members using 1love WebMail
should therefore provide
A None
alternative email address.


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