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 Form Details 
1loveSend Ecard1love

In order to select and send an image from the 1love database as an online postcard with customised message attached.

Part 1: Compose Card

Title: The heading that will appear at the top of the ecard when sent.

From Name: The person sending the ecard, displayed at the foot of the message as "From ...".

From Email: The reply email address of the person sending the ecard.

To Name: The recipient of the ecard, displayed at the top of the message as "To ...".

To Email: The recipient's email address to which the ecard will be sent.

Message: The content text of the ecard.

Font Colour: The foreground colour of the ecard (in safe 16 colour palette).

Background Colour: The base colour of the ecard (in safe 16 colour palette).

Background Texture: The base pattern of the ecard.*

Font Face: The type face in which the ecard will be displayed, first option may be any font name (only correctly displayed if installed), the second option is the nearest match from the commonest fonts, the third option is the nearest generic font-family name used as a last resort. (Defaults to "Random").*

Font Size: The point size at which the ecard text will be displayed. (Defaults to "Random").*

Layout: Whether the ecard message will appear next to or below the ecard image.

Add Sound: Optional background audio file embedded into the ecard.*

Add Quote: Optional inclusion of a quote from the "quotations database", if one or two keywords are given a random quote match will be displayed, if three or more keywords are given an exact quote will be selected. (Defaults to "No").*

Part 2: Send Card

Notify When Viewed: Whether an email will be sent to the person sending the ecard when it is delivered to the recipient.

Send To Other People Too: Whether further copies of the ecard will be sent, will prompt for additional "To" names and email addresses if selected.*

Send Date: The calendar date when the ecard will be sent, immediately if left blank.*

*indicates optional field (otherwise required)


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