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1loveAdd Quotation1love

In order to add a quote, proverb or other wise words to the 1love database to be displayed throughout the site, on a specific page or when quotes are searched.
Must be a logged in member to add a quotation.

Quote: The actual quotation being added.

By Name: The name of the author accredited with the quotation (or "Anonymous" if unknown).

Dates: The year of birth and death of the quotation's author.*

From: The place the quotation was taken from (if any, e.g. stage play, song lyric, poem, etc).*

Title: The name of the above source of the quotation.*

Language: The language the quotation is in.

Topic: A keyword associated with the quotation to help searching and identifying the quotation.

Subject: The subject area the quotation is concerned with.

Mood: The tone or feeling the quotation conveys.

Rand: Whether the quotation is to be randomly chosen and appear throughout the 1love site or available only when quotes are searched.

*indicates optional field (otherwise required)


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