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 Adding 2 1love 
1loveAdd Event1love

In order to add live events or happenings to the 1love database to be displayed on individual pages linked from the homepage as well as from the member's page(s).
Must be associated with a registered artist, author or musician member.

Event Type: The sort of event being added (e.g. exhibition, book signing, poetry reading, concert, etc).

Event Title: The name of the event.

Venue Name: The name of the place the event is being held at.

Address 1: The first line of the venue's postal address, street number and building name or street name.

Address 2: The second line of the venue's postal address, street name or bough/area name (if any).*

Town/City: The town or city the venue is in or nearest to.

Country: The country the venue is in.

Phone: Optional contact telephone number of the venue.*

Email: Optional contact email address of the venue.*

Link: Optional homepage/website web address URL of the venue.*

Time Open: The time the venue is open from.

Time Close: The time the venue is open until.

Date From: The starting calendar date of the event.

Date To: The closing calendar date f the event.

One-Off or Recurring: Whether the event is a regular or singular occurrence (i.e. an individual happening, weekly, monthly, etc).

Description: A brief outline of the proceedings.

More Info: Optional further information concerning the event or venue.*

Price: The cost of admission to attend the event.

Currency: The currency the cost of admission is in.

Image: Optional picture in ".jpg", ".png" or ".gif" format to be displayed with the event information, can be almost any size but if too large will cause the page to scroll horizontally and/or vertically at some resolutions.*

*indicates optional field (otherwise required)


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