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 Adding 2 1love 
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In order to add a software package, font face or other downloadable to the 1love database.
Must be a logged in member to add a download.

Title: The name of the software being added.

Version: The version or addition number of the software (if any).*

Date: The time the software was released.*

Category: The sort of software being added.

Type: The format in which the software is available (e.g. compressed ".zip", self extracting ".exe", etc).

License: The legal documentation associated with the software (please check this permits redistribution).

Platform: The operating environment the software is designed to work with.

Author: The name of the company or individual responsible for producing the software.

Email: The contact email address of the software's producer.*

Homepage: Optional homepage website address URL belonging to the software's producer.*

Description: A brief outline of the software's functions and features.

File: The actual software being added.

Image: Optional picture or logo in ".jpg", ".png" or ".gif" format to be displayed with the software information, should be a thumbnail or icon size.*

*indicates optional field (otherwise required)


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