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 Adding 2 1love 
1loveAdd Ecard1love

In order to add an image to the 1love database that may be sent by users with their own attached message as an online postcard.
Must be a logged in member and either the copyright holder or the image must be in the public domain to add as an ecard.

Category 1: A class or genre the ecard is associated with (e.g. a specific event or festival the ecard may be connected with).

Category 2: A style or medium that describes the ecard (e.g. photographic, line drawing, etc).

Title: The name of the ecard illustration.

Link: Optional homepage website address URL belonging to or associated with the ecard.*

Description: A brief outline of the ecard illustration and/or it's producer.*

Info: Optional further information concerning the ecard or it's producer.*

Image: The actual picture in ".jpg", ".png" or ".gif" format that will be available as an ecard, can be almost any size but if too large will cause the page to scroll horizontally and/or vertically at some resolutions.

Thumbnail: A small icon representation version of the ecard image that will link to the actual ecard.

*indicates optional field (otherwise required)


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