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  Unlike many sites, is not built in an editor or made up from several disjointed ready-made - off-the-shelf scripts or content management systems, but rather is written entirely from scratch to be seemlessly intergrated, flexible & usable for both members & visitors, and distinctive in both it's design and function.

  Offering free non-corporate, no ads, nags or b.s. webspace for artist & galleries, musicians & record labels, authors & publishers, as well as for non-trading community members, all (as the name suggests) under the ideals of truth, humanity, equality and freedom. is particularly interested in all forms of creative work that promote and expound these philosophies. is a British registered, not-for-profit, artist led company and stunning new site through which artists, musicians and authors can offer their wares directly to the global public.

  High resolution printable Artwork, Music in CD quality Mp3 format and Downloadable EBooks can be purchased online, through a secure server via credit card, automatically delivered to any valid email address (making gifts) and at a very competitive price.

  Almost as striking as it's look is's policy of skipping the expense of corporate fat-cats & other middlemen, supporting the artists, musicians & authors directly.

  Aside the chance for visitors to sample, select & compile new original art, music & written works offers greater exposure for new & emergent talent through a range of technical & design services.

  With its inclusion of mailing lists, calendars, bulletin boards and chat rooms, assembled in it's own unique style promises to expand as a real virtual creative community, for those who love high standard art, music and writing in all genres.

Core Values

  Integrity, Honesty and Freedom of Speech, Information & Expression

A Little History

  In the early 1990's, after spending several years building up a portfolio of artwork i felt was sufficiently strong enough with which to approach galleries etc, I began to assemble a catalogue of transparencies of what i thought the best pieces. As colour reproduction became more affordable I produced a number of small (A4 & A5) booklets of paintings and sculptures as well as floppy disk presentation versions (most galleries were by now computerised at least administratively, although the compatibility problems remained.)
By November 4th 1994 the first version of the (then called "Sapien Kin Gallery") online gallery was opened.

A Real Presence

  As well as providing searchable lively debating forums, extensive links and quotations reference directories, free ecards and software download sections and a modest range of exclusive products, 1love now offers free, non-corporate, high traffic web space to galleries, record labels and publishers or individual artists, musicians, writers and members, including optional online/mailorder trading support, sponsorship program, guestbook, calendar, chatrooms, etc.

A Big Future

  In designing to both suite my own needs as an artist and be flexible and usable enough to help others, I shall be spending more time returning to my artwork and hope that it allows others to do so too.

  You are cordially invited to join the community.

  Sincerely and in the spirit of mutually beneficial progress,
  Good Luck
  & 1love!


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anybrowserICCSiwatchdogICRASafeSurf runs on a Linux - Apache webserver, and was written from scratch with TextPad, in PHP, to output (mostly) in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML & CSS recommendations, and is powered by a MySQL database backend.
  The site conforms to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) & Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) guidelines ~see privacy policy, and uses ICRA, ICCS, SafeSurf and iWatchDog childsafe ratings tags, indicating it is suitable for minors.
  The "plain" version uses minimal graphics and is 99% java-free, while the "pretty version" attempts to detect screen resolution and connection speed before opening a new window and redirecting accordingly.

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geared mainly towards Windoze based systems i'm afraid, as far as softwear etc, as thats what the overwhelming majority of the world's users r on (so what if linux {& kde} is way better & free!?) Macintosh users, please letuz know if you have any problems or would like to submit softwear.
Internet "WAP" phone users "should" automatically be presented with an alternative ".wml" version on arrival.


Netscrape was better ('till swallowed by corporate giants!) mainly because MS Internet Exploiter's internal clock still only seems able to count in whole seconds, totally destroying animations and other effects. (AOL, Opera, Neoplanet etc, plz let uz know )
Tips:- enable style-sheets, don't over-ride font sizes & colours, configure your 'Helper Applications' 4 mp3s. 'Right-click' & 'History' (ctrl-h) navigation active.


1love doesn't use them unless absolutey neccessary, and then only the bear minimum for the purpose specified and only 2b returned 2 this server.
See Also privacy policy


Softwear selected for "1love downloadz should be free, preferably open-source, without ads, nags or expiry date, a meg or less zipped and stable on whatever platform (like windoze has enough bugz of it's own, right!?)

please submit your favourite softwear


All 'CD' quality 44100Hz 128+kbps Stereo .MP3, preview samples maybe lower quality, are always taken from the begining of the track and are between 30 seconds & 1 minute long.
Winamp is my fave player, especially with the 1loveSkin & best plugins for streaming downloads & visualization effects.


Guaranteed by WorldPay PLC

Safe & Simple! -To purchase items by credit card, click the "shopping basket" icon which will appear bottom right of most pages once you have made a selection. Transfer to the WorldPay secure payment server and enter your details. Once the transaction has been processed by the banks you will automatically be returned to and downloadable items from your selection automatically delivered to the email address specified and/or physical items schedualed for delivery to the postal address specified. (please ensure these are correct as we can only check their format, not validity)
See Also: privacy policy


If you would like a FREE page on simply provide the necessary infomation
As is a not-for-profit company our rates are 20% of derived sales (i.e. 5% transaction handler's fee to WorldPay, 5% administration costs and 10% hosting, bandwidth expences.)
Non-Exclusive Agreement

*All downloadable product files are kept on our secure server and are accessible only to the delivery engine. We are therefore unable to allow direct upload, but aim to include new material in the system within a couple of days, however depending on volume this may not always be possible.


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