(anthrop.) n.
Classification order Hominidae;
< Human being, of the genus homo ~s ~s,
a single species, Modern Man [Cro-Magnon Man] emerging (app.) 40,000 yrs. ago, evolved from ape like ancestors of about 26 million yrs. before, distunguished from other primates by superior mental development; [facilitating complex oral language, and the ability to modify or create environments] upright posture; [involving considerable modification of skeleton and muscles] sparce body hair, etc.
Ancestral stock, family; one's relatives; kith and ~, orig., country and ~sfolk; later, friends and relatives: of ~, akin, related by blood ties or character; next of ~, person nearest of kin (to).
(archit.) n.
Covered space for walking in partly open at site, portico, colonnade; balcony; long narrow passage in thinkness of wall or supported on corbels, open towards interior of building.
Platform projecting from inner wall of church, hall, etc., providing extra room for spectators etc.; highest of such balconies in theatre, containing cheapest seats (ill.THEATRE); persons seated there, least refined part of audience; play to the ~, appeal to lower taste.
Long narrow room, passage, corridor; room or building used for showing works of art.
Opened in Nov. 1994,
before the Tate, even before the Barbican, Ŷ < was the UK's first online art g][R, designed, constructed and maintained by the artist sAbU
Design 2000