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Welcome 2 1love 4rumz
Thanx 4 Dropping By!

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1lovePlz Accept This Invitation 2 Participate In The Discussions.1love

U Don't Need 2 Register or Join
2 Post A Message
& R Whole Heartdly Encouraged 2:
say what u want, about any topic u want, in any way u want, including an illustration, icon &/or link,,, if u want!:-)
Free Speach Online
1love.com Is Not 4 Censorship,
'tho obscene &/or offensive postings
will have 2b removed from the public forums
(& repeat offenders possibly banned
-if u get a warning in error,
just let me know

 terms & conditions of use
music Forum: Enter A New Thread & Title 2 Start A New Discussion
Homepage Link, Image, Icon & Email-Notification R Optional

Only ".gif" or ".jpg" image files,
no bigger that 100kb plz,
(-wider that about 350 pix is likely to horizontal-scroll @ some resolutions)
Please check for accuracy before posting, Edit/Delete for the rest of the day, after which you can add a follow up if you wish.

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Please see privacy policy for details.

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