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Politics in Music

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 Politics in Music
sAbOh No MOBOsAb

Oh No MOBOYou know how incestuously nauseating those industry awards ceremonies can be at the best of times,
mutual admiration societies patting each other of the back and telling the world how fantastic they are,
this one really does take the cake (masser).

Let's just forget for a moment that the likes of
Billy Holiday's "Strange Fruit", James Brown's "Sat It Loud", Marvin Gaye's "Innercity Blues",
or anything by Parker, Davis, Coltrane, Marley, Scott-Herron, The Last Poets, Public Enemy and NWA
was ever recorded, and kid ourselves that the barefaced exploitation of adolescent sexuality and
chanting of aggressive materialism to the same old 4/4 common time sampled drum machine beat formula
constitutes an genuine artform,
and those happy to sell out perpetrators can be described as "artists".
Then putting aside any discussion that a form of expression as abstract as music could have a colour,
or the indisputable facts of the origins of human kind (and hence all music)
and there we have it, appropriately sponsored by Mastercard (to whome so many are shacked in dept bondage),
the corporate approved impotent ghettoized industry standard
where by music is just the vehicle/excuse to get in front of an audience and of course camera,
and impressionable youth are encouraged to define themselves according to a less than positive set of role models
in the belief in and pursuit of the "cool", hip", and "happenin'"...

Yeah I know, despite being younger than many of the participants,
i'm too old & out of touch to really have my finger on the pulse of ghetto-yoot,
but can't help wondering where the politics went out of popular music
and thinking "y'all bin played suckers" like the instruments you should have studied,
but then i forget, it just doesn't seem too "cool" to think about stuff any more.
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